Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolutions 2014

Crikey 2014 is here- We tried to go to a party but the kids were too tired so left at 8.  A good chance to sit and write my resolutions however.  I always set out my goals.  I like to plan big and sometimes I even get there.  2013 saw a 50/50 success rate.  I made soap, started running each day and moved a house on to our lifestyle block.

So what's in store this year

Home goals:

Chemical free home
Zero waste home

Things to do:

Put in fencing and get an animal to eat the grass!
Get soil down in the garden
Plant a shelter belt
Picture wall
Bookshelf and art wall for kids

Family Goals:

Positive Healthy Family

Things to do:

Family holiday
1 day out a month for me and plus 1
Read home school books
Plan 6 family outings
Try 3 projects at home:

Life cycle of a butterfly
My Body
Healthy Eating

Financial Goals:

Mortgage Free by 2016
Passive Income of $500/week by 2016

Things to do:
Pay $75,000 off mortgage by August 2014
Continue to trade houses and research capital growth markets

Personal Goal:

Make 2014 my healthiest happiest year yet

Things to do:

5am club
Read 14 books (see this earlier post)
Deep tissue massage every 6 weeks
Dentist January 2014
No processed food
No alcohol for 6 months

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