Sunday, 29 December 2013

Who dreams of self sufficiency?

Who are the Jones' anyway?

Who are the Jones' and why have I been trying to keep up with them?  This was the question that I asked myself 1 1/2 years ago when I returned with my husband from 10 blissful years working our way around the world as nurses.  Our first baby was on his way and we struggled after dropping down to one wage and losing the exchange rate we had enjoyed when living in the U.K (at best it was 3:1).

We re-evaluated and came up with a new plan!  Lets get rid of our mortgage- no not the house/ land but just the mortgage.. so with that in mind we became a very focussed household and our relationship with money changed.  Our first step was to get enough cash to relocate a house onto a bare block of land we had purchased a couple of years earlier... this was a mission and a half, it was a real drain on our finances as we paid for an unserviced 5 acre block and paid rent elsewhere.  We scrimped and saved and started our own business to come up with the cash we needed, and it worked!

So here we are on our 5 acre block with our relocated home (we are the ultimate recyclers) ready for (the good) life and whatever it throws our way!  Life has changed, I don't shop for entertainment now and I spend time figuring out if something is a need or want, buy second hand if I can or  something of great quality.  Now a year and a half into my new lifestyle I no longer care what the Jones' have or want and that is a free feeling in itself.

Have you ever done something to keep up with the Jones'?